The department of mechanical developed from Motor Vehicle and Fitter Machinist sections in 1984 when Elgon Technical Institute was transformed into Uganda Technical College-Elgon. The department had two (2) workshops but as time went on, more machines and tools were received through the OPEC programme (1999). In 2004, the College opened another workshop/laboratory to cater for the new course of National Diploma in refrigeration and air conditioning.

The department is proud of offering the two courses namely;

  • National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • National Diploma in Refrigeration and air conditioning

The two courses contribute a lot to the nation by supplying Technicians and Technologists for Industrial Development in Uganda and beyond. The department also under takes major repairs in Motor Vehicles repairs, water supply systems and fabrication of windows, gates and doors to the College structures constructed by the student of Building and Civil department.

I am privileged to inform you that every year the department graduates over 200 technicians who have contributed a lot towards job creation in our country and the neighboring countries.

In the near future, the department will coordinate with Electrical department to produce renewal energy equipment and welding plants for its own sustainability. The students’ enrolment has grown very tremendously from twenty eight, (28) students in 1984 to two hundred (200) students in 2016.

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