The reputation of the College – what we do and say, and ultimately what people think about us – plays an integral part in our success. To help improve communication and understanding between the UTC Elgon  and our stakeholders, the IROs office
handles the College media relations, both proactive and responsive, writing and issuing press releases when appropriate, responding to press and media enquiries by phone and online, and organising media interviews and press statements, when necessary plan, compile and edit some of the Colleges corporate promotional publications, both internal and external.develops and carries out promotional activities and plans, organise and manage media attendance at corporate events, advise departments and sections on all publicity and public relations issues, including media liaison and promotional initiatives.Media LiaisoningThe office is the single point of contact for any media personnel interested in covering the College The department answers media queries, sends out press invitations and issues press releases on a regular basis, besides organizing press conferences and interviews with department students or the institute’s functionaries as and when required.

Event Management

The IROs Office is responsible for organizing College functions such as the Convocation, Open Days, exhibitions and the institution award ceremonies together with the Academic Registrar’s office, to mention prominent ones.The department also coordinates visits of high profile national and international visitors and delegations, including Heads of States, Members of Parliament, corporate honchos and other special guests. Moreover, we provide assistance to internal departments for organizing their events.

University Publication

The IRO section also takes care of the preparation and publication of College’s publications (brochures and regular newsletters).The department is also responsible for managing the College’s website, uploading and updating the content on it. The social media accounts on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are also managed by the PRO Section and ICT section.

General Guidelines for Media

If you are a member of the media interested in interviewing, photographing, audio or video recording any of the department, staff, students or functionaries; events; activities or facilities on campus, please e-mail your request to us. Kindly provide your name, organization, contact information, deadline and a detailed description of the story you are working on, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If you desire to receive media invitations and press releases UTC-Elgon please email your contact details to us, and we will add you to our mailing list.

Media on Campus

As a part of the Security Guidelines of the College, any media professional desirous of visiting the Campus is requested to inform the IRO about their visit, at least two (2) days before their arrival (earliest the better). This will enable us to notify the relevant people and also provide the most convenient route to reach the venue, which will save time and ensure that the least
 inconvenience is caused to a journalist at the time of the visit.


As a policy, students, department members and College functionaries are required to take clearance from the IRO or the principal, before interacting with media. It is also advisable to keep the IRO informed about any communication with the media and take approval from the Competent Authority before inviting any journalist to the college

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